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Please note that while we endeavour to check all the faucets links.
But we cannot in any way guarantee the reliability of these free Bitcoin websites.
Faucets can close, stop paying or begin serving unwelcome pop-ups / adverts at any time. Please use at your own risk.

Bitcoin FaucetHub Sites

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FaucetHub - Healthy Sites
donchianchannel.com faucet.earncoin.site getfreebit.xyz sato.host
faucetwhite.com faucet.makejar.com agoodprofit.ru konstantinova.net
favcrypto.club claimbtc.in goodfaucet.ru mybitvice.win
cryptodrops.club/bf topbtc.club bitco.world btc.inet-money.club
goldenfreesatoshi.ru xbit.co.in notefaucet.site/btc faucetx.eu
claimfreecoins.io crypto-fun.cf bestbitcoinfaucets.net cointalk.club
bitcoshi.info want2crypto.com gr8.cc onebitco.com
cryptocoins4u.net claimforbitcoin.com claimcrypto.online btc.faucethero.com
FaucetHub - UnHealthy Sites
faucet.win bitcoin.treasurebits.net faupto.com futurefaucet.club
onewayfaucet.us pisobrowse.com/btc deadmazayru69.online earnbitcoinsnow.net
melovin.site greenfaucet.win faucet.win fautsy.com
starbits.io i-bits.io bonus-konus.ru bitsfly.in
space2019.pro freebitcoin99.com ref-hunters.ch queenfaucet.website
cakirfaucet.top faucex-bitcoin.tk crypto360.tk bffaucet.com
coinrun.ru The BIG STAR BTC freeforallbtc.tk btc.mafiagame.site
0secbtc.com lbtce.com dutchycorp.space coinsmondo.com
bitcolife.ru reasons365.com o-bitman.com fapcoin.cc
crypturl.xyz claimcoins.cc easybitcoins.ml earnfaucetbtc.club
faucetnews.xyz karimunbits.net earnfreebitcoin.info btc.faucet.kiwi
bestpayingfaucets.com claimfreebtc.win tecnologysistem.com zetabitco.com
mazenbtc.com mixfaucetsbrasil.com.br free4claim.com coins4claim.com
faucet4claim.com zandey.com vivocoin.com bitcoin-s.com
8raa.com alienfaucet.win earnfreebitcoins.xyz myawesomefaucet.club
deadsats.com/btc highpayingfaucet.com go.4miner.me faucethubpro.net

Coinpot Sites - Bitcoin & Other AltCoins

Website Claim Timer Rewards Click To Claim
bonusbitcoin.co Every 15 Minutes 10 Satoshi Get Reward
bitfun.co Every 3 Minutes 3 Satoshi Get Reward
moonbit.co.in Every 5 Minutes 5 Satoshi Get Reward
moondoge.co.in Every 5 Minutes 0.02 DogeCoin Get Reward
moonliteco.in Every 5 Minutes 100 litoshi Get Reward
moondash.co.in Every 5 Minutes 0.00000025 Dash Get Reward
moonbitcoin.cash Every 5 Minutes 0.00000025 BCH Get Reward

Premium Faucets

Website Claim Timer Rewards Payment Method Click To Claim
speedup-faucet.com Daily 110 Tokens FaucetHub Get Reward
bitcoinsfor.me Every 5 Minutes 10 Satoshi CoinBase Get Reward
freebitco.in Every 60 Minutes 40 Satoshi Direct Get Reward

Bitcoin & Other AltCoin PTC Sites

Website Minimum Payout Payment Method Click To Claim
surfingbtc.cc 0.00005000 btc Micropot Get Reward
adbch.cc 0.00050000 bch Micropot Get Reward
addoge.cc 60 dogecoin Micropot Get Reward
adltc.cc 0.00100000 ltc Micropot Get Reward
adeth.cc 0.00060000 eth Micropot Get Reward
addash.cc 0.00200000 dash Micropot Get Reward
adxrp.cc 0.50000000 xrp Micropot Get Reward
surfadsbtc.xyz 0.00030000 btc Direct Get Reward
dogeads.top 200 dogecoin Direct Get Reward
ethereumclix.com 0.00250000 eth Direct Get Reward
allcoinads.com 0.00010000 btc Direct Get Reward
coin4btc.com $1 usdt Direct Get Reward
scarlet-clicks.info $2 usdt Direct Get Reward
bitter.io 0.00010000 btc Direct Get Reward
trafficly.io 0.00010000 btc Direct Get Reward
bitcoinsclix.com 0.00010000 btc Direct Get Reward
btcclicks.com 0.00010000 btc Direct Get Reward
clixco.in 0.00045000 btc Direct Get Reward
btc4clix.com 0.00030000 btc Direct Get Reward
dogex.cc 100 dogecoin Direct Get Reward
a-ds.co 0.00040000 btc Direct Get Reward
adbtc.top 0.00005000 btc FaucetHub Get Reward
hitcanavari.net 0.00000500 btc FaucetHub Get Reward
bitclix.io 0.00001000 btc FaucetHub Get Reward
btc4coin.info 0.00001000 btc FaucetHub Get Reward
cryptotrads.com 0.00010000 btc FaucetHub Get Reward
buxco.in 0.00020000 btc FaucetHub Get Reward
faucetify.com 0.00020000 btc FaucetHub Get Reward
bitcik.com Any Amount FaucetHub Get Reward
satoshiqueen.com Any Amount FaucetHub Get Reward
wanmeibtc.com 0.00025000 btc FaucetHub Get Reward
cloudcryptoads.com 0.00000500 btc FaucetHub Get Reward
earnbtc.io 0.00005000 btc FaucetHub Get Reward
coinstoshi.com 0.00000450 btc Coin2Send Get Reward
reasons365.com 0.00000450 btc Coin2Send Get Reward

If you find a dead link or a cheating / scam site please let us know. We can remove it from the list.
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